Looking outside the square is a well known strategy when problem solving however, it is one that is particularly hard to execute, especially when it comes to solving resourcing issues in your own backyard. I worked with a client recently to recruit and supported them to look outside of the sector with great success.

Here is why it worked…

1 – A Forward Thinking Leadership Group

The organisation was fortunate to have forward thinking leaders who were both open minded when challenging the status quo and also courageous enough to embrace change. As a company most of the management group has been promoted within and notoriously the stigma of industry/sector knowledge had meant frequent reliance on previous sector experience in the selection process. The sector was one which was more of a candidate market than the employers with typically, a ‘light’ resource pool. A forward thinking leadership group agreed that ‘fishing in other ponds’, so to speak, may yield more candidates with greater diversity. Of course, this is absolutely true.

2 – Seek Recruitment Expertise

The CEO sought recruiting expertise to support navigating the candidate market and to ensure the best recruiting strategy would be used. Smart Choice! Given the pressures COVID placed on many businesses, the economy and specifically the turmoil to secure employment for some industries, using a recruiter who not only is familiar with the job market trends but is also able to attract transferable skills is an intelligent business decision.

The reality is, right now with unemployment increasing in certain sectors, there is a surplus of talented individuals who need and want to work. As humans we are incredibly adaptable and transferrable skills are too often overlooked. Sector or business knowledge can be taught to a person with the right motivation, the right aptitude and the right attitude. An experienced recruiter knows this very well and can support business owners to better understand how to captivate this transferable talent and turn it into reliable, productive team members. A recruiter is also great to help alleviate those last minute jitters and support confidence in your final decision.

3 – Strengthen Selection through Psychometric and Cognitive Assessments

A resume, an interview and references are common ways to screen candidates. More contemporary practices utilise the support of cognitive and psychometric assessments to provide reliable validation measures and aid to insight deeper analysis of suitability. Finding the strengths of a person and placing them in a role or workplace that is naturally conducive to their abilities instantly equates to greater synergy and ultimately for the business, greater productivity.

It’s a tough gig for a business to look outside of the sector or for a person who perhaps has not held the position title for the role they are looking for however, some of the best results come from new abstract ideas.

The End Result?

An extremely capable, culturally suitable individual with mutual vision alignment joined a business that needed their support. Talented professionals with diverse experiences will add value to your business, providing they are the right fit. Utilising a recruiter to support navigating this process, can prove more cost effective and result in a very satisfying outcome.

The take away from this is simplified by one of my favourite sayings.
“You’ll always get what you’ve always got, if you always do what you’ve always done”.

So please, as a candidate don’t be afraid to explore a new industry or sector and as an employer, for your own good, look outside the box!

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