Psychometric assessments are a tool many recruiters and business managers utilise to aid in determining an individuals’ compatibility with the organisation’s needs. There are many uses for psychometric assessments including team building and individual coaching and development.

Pear People incorporate behavioural assessment and psychometric tools into their services and can provide psychometric assessments as a separate service for when you want to make your team great. What we love about using tools such as our custom careworker assessment is being able to support people and their direct managers to target strengths and develop these to be utilised effectively.

It’s a way to fasttrack the getting to know you process and helps to start people off on the right foot. When you have an understanding of others behaviours and their natural workstyles, you begin to know how to work with them more effectively. We have had huge success in team building and growing team capability through utilising psychometric assessments with existing staff. If you want to inspire your teams, reinvigorate your workforces drive or perhaps gain valuable insight about workforce capabilities for your managers, have a chat to us about what people solutions might be beneficial for your business.

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