Christmas is always a fun and busy time of year where the workplace, home life and greater community join in the festive spirit. Everywhere you go, there are subtle reminders of Christmas. This years additional challenge has been COVID, which means Christmas has not been quite the same. Many workplace Christmas parties have been modified, even weddings in 2020 have had dancing bans. Definitely a strange world at present!

At Pear People, we are aware of human psychological needs and traditionally reflect on social psychology in the workplace to support positive workplace cultures and effective teams. Staying connected with your family and loved ones is even more important and in some cases the only safe way to do so, is via skype, facetime or other online platforms like zoom. Here are some things you can do, when celebrating Christmas online.

  1. Zoom Charades – similar to the traditional Charades, decide on a category such as animals or famous people and act out to the other zoom members until someone guesses the right answer. Zoom also features a record function which can make for some very long lasting memories.
  2. Zoom Dress-Up Party – Fancy an ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater” party or perhaps its Christmas PJ party. Dressing up can make the online “hello” a lot more cheerful.
  3. Zoom Christmas Cheers – this one may sound strange, but pour a drink together. Have a virtual toast and have your usual Christmas stories and banter.
  4. Christmas Trivia – Many families will bring out the trusty board games after dinner however to substitute an online game like trivia will bring out equally competitive vibes and plenty of laughter.
  5. Virtual present unwrapping – sitting around the tree watching the people unwrap their presents doesn’t have to be solitary event. For any interstate family members, connect online and carry on the tradition.

So this Christmas, stay connected and celebrate with the whole family using technology in new ways. No one has to miss out this Christmas!

From Pear People to your people, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.