Happy New Year and time for the infamous resolutions for 2021.

There is a unfavourable negative perception around new year resolutions and this is largely attributed to people approaching their resolutions with a lack of “goal setting” principles. A New Year Resolution is a very healthy, productive and positive way to begin a new year however, it is important to not set yourself up for failure. At Pear People we believe in setting everything up for success so when you do something, you know you are going to do it well.

Let’s explore the three perfect ingredients Pear People recommend for your successful New Years’ Resolution.

  1. Focused on You – in many cases people will use the cliche resolutions like losing weight, quitting smoking, saving more money, taking the next step in their career. There is nothing wrong with any of these goals, unless they don’t really relate to you and your circumstances. When it comes to achieving our goals one of the biggest factors is perseverance. You will naturally be more tenacious when you are intrinsically motivated, which means when it is something you truly want. If you are motivated by external factors, for example impressing others, it is most likely that when no one is watching you may let your guard down and as failure begins to encroach you won’t be motivated enough to reset and go again. Spend the time thinking through what is important in your life and what you really do want to achieve.
  2. Specific and Realistic Goal – As many professionals know, goal setting means you need targeted and tangible goals. It must be measurable for it to be achievable and it needs to be specific. Suggesting you will lose weight, could mean 10 grams or 10 kilograms and is the weight related to muscle or fat. You will also find by focusing on you in your new years resolution it will help to define your specific goal. This will also naturally give you an opportunity to create milestones or a pathway to that goal that is equally motivating along your journey and even more realistic.
  3. Flexible and Balanced – After the 2020 year we all had, we learnt there will always be challenges we weren’t expecting to face. A plan that is overly rigid and tight that allows no room for error is likely to undermine the motivation you have. There is a reason people say, “something is better than nothing” or “if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again”. Nothing is ever perfect and no one achieved anything great without some adversity. It is also a mindful strategy to plan balance in your goal. When we are looking to make longterm healthy changes it is most often best not to create an abrupt change that leaves you in a state of shock or a possibility to slipping back to old habits with unreasonable guilt that continues to undermine us. Let’s be honest “no chocolate in 2021” has no balance in the design and is setting you up for failure. Aside from the healthy endorphins our brain releases when we eat chocolate, the layer of guilt from “failing” our unreasonable 2021 new year resolution would result in immediately disregarding any future effort towards our goal because we have self labelled as a failure. If you design your goal with a flexible and balanced approach, you will achieve your overarching new years resolution and be more likely to maintain your commitment in the long run.

Whether it is a New Year Resolution for yourself or for the workplace, the above Pear People tips are sure to set you up for success. Pear People are passionate about positive psychology and about achieving your goals. If you have a New Year Resolution Pear People can assist with, reach out for a conversation and start thinking about your 2021 fresh beginnings.