Workplace communication, it’s more than just talk!

To put it simply, communication features in every aspect of our lives. On the daily, we communicate with family, friends, co-workers, the boss and even strangers. Communication is more than just words, in fact, verbal language accounts for only 7% of communication. The rest of the communication is non-verbal for example body language and tone of voice. It may seem obvious that communication is more than words however, we often forget we are being judged and it’s the little things that matter.
Your workplace behaviours and actions say a lot more than you think and your boss or co-workers are without realising it, building messaging in what you do, not just what you say. Here’s some simple body language tips:

1.      Consider your eye contact, when someone is speaking give them your complete attention, avoiding eye contact can leave an impression of having something to hide.

2.       Consider your posture, try not to slouch or lean back in your chair, you are bored you are interested in what they are saying and attentive.

3.      Avoid looking at your watch or your phone in meetings, or during a conversation.

4.      Try not to cross your arms, this can come across as arrogance and deviance.

You may not mean to come across as having something to hide or being bored with a conversation however being misunderstood through our body language is a risk. If you want the most out of your workplace relationships, take some time to think about your body during your next conversation.