The workplace we are in and the job we do, plays a major role in our lives. Our employment directly impacts our livelihood and our general wellbeing, so it is important to take the time to find a job you can do your best. Pear People are here to provide advice and guidance as you navigate the often unfamiliar process of applying for a new role.

We believe people should be placed in a role that will use their natural strengths and abilities. We spend the time getting to know you and your employment needs to assist you in connecting with a role that suits you, your workstyle and your career goals. The recruitment process can be a daunting space to navigate, however at Pear People, we believe in one step at a time and we want to be on your journey.

Part of our process may include a Careworker Assessment or other workstyle assessments to assist in highlighting your strengths and enabling others to shine the spotlight on your natural talent. When people are placed in a role matching their skills, capabilities, workstyle and if course interest, they are more likely to be successful and to enjoy what they do. When you enjoy the work you do, you are looking after your own wellbeing and that is something many people don’t have the benefit of. We want to help you find work you love, let’s start a conversation today or take a look at the opportunities we have on offer now.

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