A Case Study with OPRA and Premier Youthworks

Premier Youthworks have been a provider of Therapeutic Residential Care, Youth work support, Crisis care, Supervised contact, and Mentoring in the Hunter Region for many years and currently provide care for 50 children and young people; many of whom come with significant and complex behaviours who are supported within the community by over 180 staff. Finding and developing these staff is the key to positive outcomes for the children, young people and families they support.


Care workers are the backbone of Premier Youthworks (PYW). They are the frontline care providers in often highly challenging situations. PYW had been facing high workers compensation claims and staff turnover. Moreover, with a small pool of experienced care workers in the market, PYW wanted to identify candidates with the right personal attributes who could then be trained as care workers.


Psychometric assessments can identify attributes (e.g. resilience, conscientiousness, interpersonal skills) that make an effective care worker. Being able to identify these ‘good’ care workers help achieve PYW’s mission and vision, may lead to a more engaged workforce, and be less likely to experience psychological harm which then lead to workers compensation claims.

Partnering with PYW subject matter experts, OPRA identified 6 key care worker competencies which were mapped onto OPRA’s suite of validated and robust psychometric assessments. These assessments were supported by selection, development, and feedback reports to support recruitment as well as onboarding and talent management.

Pear People continue to partner with Premier Youthworks as trained psychometric facilitators who are experienced in the effective delivery of the holistic management strategy. Pear People also offer support to other businesses seeking solutions with the Careworker roles.


Since implementing the HR initiatives including the Care worker Assessment in late 2018, PYW has seen the following changes:

  • Streamlined the recruitment process reducing from 2 weeks to 2 days.
  • Workers Compensation costs reduced by 60% in the first year, and a further 33% the following year.
  • 50% reduction in psychological claims
  • Employee engagement increased by 30% on numerous indicators
  • Managers’ report that the Care worker Assessment has helped them to better support new care workers.

Interested in how the Careworker Assessment could benefit your business and the people you work with. Contact Pear People today to partner in your people solutions and explore a new way of identifying talent.