On a day when the race that stops a nation runs and, in a year, where we have all faced challenges in more ways than one. There is a lesson to be learnt in today.

Back yourself!

An appropriate catch phrase for the day of day in horse racing. How does this translate to you and your career or your workplace challenges?

1. Your effort

There are two elements to successfully back yourself, the first being your effort. It is true that sitting back and watching the world go by is an approach of luck and fate. If you fail with this approach, it stands to reason there is a pinch of warranted self-blame.
We hear it all the time, “nothing ventured nothing gained”, “Practice makes perfect”, “You get out what you put in”.

When it comes to job-seeking, interviewing and indeed writing job applications, every minute you put in to rehearsing your interview style or polishing your application will contribute to a better outcome. Yes, hiring managers can see the effort made and yes, it does make a difference in your overall performance and assessment.

Let’s be honest, did any horse ever win the Melbourne Cup without training. Therefore, step one, is define your goal, define your actions and get to work.

2. Positive mindset

“Back Yourself” is where the positive psychology piece comes into effect. In psychology terms it is known as “Self-fulfilling Prophecy Effect”. There is plenty of literature on Self-fulfilling Prophecy that dates back as early Greek mythology. In a simple modern-day example, if you walk into an interview with considerable self-doubt and believe you are going to perform poorly; it is most likely you will stumble, stutter or freeze in your responses and walk away believing you knew that was going to happen. More likely than not, you will further concrete in your mind that you do not interview well and create such a strong bias for poor interview performance that this further heightens your interview anxiety and hinders future performance.

In contrast a positive mindset about yourself, your abilities and your suitability for the role will more likely contribute towards a positive interview experience. When you have a positive interview experience and demonstrate confidence, the interviewers and hiring managers hear and feel this confidence which in-turn is more likely to positively influence their decision.

It can be difficult to have a positive mindset however take a look at the winners of the Melbourne Cup. In 2020 the jockey of Sir Dragonet stated in his winning speech of the Cox Plate,  race leading up to the Melbourne Cup, that he was confident this was the Melbourne Cup winner. Dragonet may not be the horse of 2020 for the Melbourne Cup race, however there is no hint of doubt in the jockey and trainer’s mind.

Couple these two pieces together, effort and positive mindset and you position yourself with the best chance. You may not always win; however, you have to back yourself to win.

Pear People are here to support your business in navigating the race of talent acquisition and we also offer psychometric profiling to assist in the confidence of the selection process. Likewise, as a job seeker, we can support you in your career goals.

Good luck in the Melbourne Cup or any other goal you set for yourself today. Remember to Back Yourself!